God Bless America, God Bless Planet Earth

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Cuomo extended the shutdown in New York to May 15.
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said on Thursday that he would extend New York State’s shutdown until May 15, in coordination with other states.
Mr. Cuomo said that New York continued to make progress in containing the coronavirus and he cited encouraging statistics, but he also said that the rate of infection would have to slow much more before he would lift restrictions that were in place through April 29.
“What happens after then? I don’t know,” Mr. Cuomo said of new end date for the restrictions. “We will see depending on what the data shows.”

When is it over? As I’ve said, you know, it — when is it finally over? It’s over when you have a vaccine. And that’s 12 months to 18 months. We’ve said to the F.D.A., any way we can be helpful in the testing of that vaccine, how do we accelerate that? How do we expedite it? All right, so we want to start to bring the economy back — move up one tranche on how you define essential. Who — what’s the next level of essential businesses? Are there certain businesses that are inherently safer or can be safer? New York Pause has worked. The closedown has worked. That’s how we control the beast. That’s how we got it down to 0.9, however, we’re not there yet. We’re just at 0.9. Again, Wuhan got down to 0.3. So we have to continue doing what we’re doing. I’d like to see that infection rate get down even more. The New York Pause policies, the closedown policies will be extended in coordination with other states to May 15. I don’t want to project beyond that period. That’s about one month. One month is a long time. People need certainty and clarity so they can plan. I need a coordinated action plan with the other states. So one month, we’ll continue the closedown policies. What happens after then? I don’t know.
Credit…Cindy Schultz for The New York Times
Here are the daily numbers from his briefing on Thursday:
Deaths in New York State: 606, the fewest in 10 days, for a total of 12,192.
Three-day average number of hospitalized virus patients: down 2 percent, the second straight daily decline.
Number of intubated patients: down for the fifth day in the last six. Intubated patients are the most likely to die of the virus.
Virus patients in intensive care: Down 134 people from Wednesday.
Mr. Cuomo also expanded his order requiring that New Yorkers carry face coverings when they are out in public and wear them when they cannot maintain the proper social distance from others.

In addition being required on the mass transit system, the coverings are to be worn in for-hire vehicles, including by drivers, the governor said. They must also be worn by children 2 and older. The order takes effect tomorrow.

You MUST wear a face covering or mask:
-On public transportation
-In for-hire vehicles
If you are a bus/train operator or a driver of a for-hire vehicle, you must also wear a face covering or mask.
These rules go into effect on Friday at 8PM.
Mr. Cuomo also said that New York would send 100 ventilators to New Jersey, where the number of deaths has climbed sharply in recent days.

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Coronavirus 16 de abril, minuto a minuto: Trump da pautas para reabrir la economía

Extienden plan de distanciamiento social en Nueva York hasta el 15 de mayo
El plan de distanciamiento social de Nueva York para ayudar a mitigar la propagación del coronavirus se extenderá “en coordinación con otros estados” hasta el 15 de mayo, dijo este jueves el gobernador Andrew Cuomo.
“Lo que suceda después de eso, no lo sé. Veremos dependiendo de lo que muestren los datos ”, dijo Cuomo.
El gobernador Andrew Cuomo dice que Nueva York ha conseguido controlar la propagación del coronavirus en el estado.
“Hemos controlado a la bestia. Hemos reducido la tasa de propagación”, dijo Cuomo.

One thought on “God Bless America, God Bless Planet Earth

  1. Deseamos lo mejor para New York y para todo USA, y para todo el mundo.
    Ojalá pronto veamos a la ciudad como en las fotos, la ciudad qué nunca duerme.


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