Catrinas Parade 2019, part 2 of 3, Mexico City…Procesión de Catrinas 2019, parte 2 de 3, CDMX

Tomorrow part 3 of 3/ Mañana parte 3 de 3





Text credits: FOTOS y VIDEO: Así fue la Mega Procesión de Catrinas en la Ciudad de México


This Saturday about 150 thousand people were part of the Mega Procession of Catrinas that went from Angel to Zócalo.
The Mega Procession of Catrinas 2019 in Mexico City became a party where the makeup, costumes and vintage stood out, accompanied by thousands of families that packed the main avenues of the Center of the capital of the country.
The appointment took place at the Angel of Independence at 6:30 p.m., however, hundreds of families arrived up to three hours before to be part of the lucky ones in putting on makeup by artists of the National Association of Artists Mega Body Paint Mexico, in the various tents placed on Paseo de la Reforma.
Pre-Hispanic, charro, contemporary or famous movie characters were the costumes that prevailed in the afternoon that lent itself to offer a gloomy atmosphere in the cloudy sky.
The main character all took him with him: catrinas and catrines as a tribute to the work of José Guadalupe Posada, to begin the Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico.
The parade was divided by themes for attendees by emotions, since the serenity and elegance of the first catrines was passed to the funny sugar skulls and then to the dances and dances that were taken from the Angel of Independence to the Capital base.
But the protagonists were not only them, because on the sides thousands of people were part of the party, with shouts, songs and great characterizations that made many want to take the photo of the memory.
The best makeup even took advantage to collect the photograph in 25 pesos, which did not displease the attendees who impregnated the environment paid all kinds of objects and snacks such as popcorn, pork rinds, sweets and cotton candy.
The happiest at first sight were the children, but also the foreigners who, in addition to singing, painted their faces and photographed themselves to feel part of the event.
The Mega Procession of Catrinas was the framework to open the Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico City, where the International Day of the Dead Parade will be held this Sunday, as well as the Mega Offering in the Zocalo that began to be installed and will be inaugurated on November 1.


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Ciudad de México / 26.10.2019 22:01:04

Los colores, la música regional mexicana, las flores y la danza fueron los protagonistas de la Mega Procesión de Catrinas 2019 que partió desde las 18:00 horas y avanzó sobre Reforma pasando por la Glorieta de la Palma, el Monumento a Colón, la Torre del Caballito, El Palacio de Bellas Artes y la calle 5 de Mayo.
La procesión estuvo integrada por distintos contingentes en los que se representó al México prehispánico, los trajes típicos de los distintos estados de la República, el deporte, la diversidad sexual, el México del siglo XIX y XX, además del mariachi tapatío.
Aunque al cita fue a las 18:30, desde las 11 de la mañana los asistentes llegaron al lugar con el rostro pintado inspirados en la catrina del caricaturista José Guadalupe Posada.
Un grupo de 200 maquillistas profesionales también estuvieron encargados de crear los rostros de las catrinas y catrines que desfilaron por las calles del centro de la ciudad, quienes estuvieron ubicados en carpas blancas, en la Glorieta de la Diana y la Palma.
De acuerdo con la organizadora, Jessica Esquivias Rodríguez, quien es presidenta de Mega Body Paint México AC, el evento es público y tiene como objetivo contribuir a que la tradición del Día de Muertos se preserve y así evitar que las nuevas generaciones se apropien de tradiciones extranjeras.

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