I am sorry about the shooting in Texas…Siento mucho el tiroteo ocurrido en Texas/ Galveston Texas, U.S.A. 2013

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Hurricane Ike visited Galveston Island with devastating results for the people and infrastructure. 40, 000 trees were killed during the storm surge on the island leaving the landscape bare. In an unusual and creative action Galveston Island Tree Conservancy member Donna Leibbert found chain saw sculptures to create dead tree sculptures from the dead trees in the historic district. What was a terrible eyesore and reminder of the horrors of Hurricane Ike now is a charming visual sight to the eyes! If you are visiting Galveston soon you must tour the city to see these beautiful works of art!
Galveston Island Tree Conservancy member Donna Leibbert petitioned city hall for permission to have the trees used as sculptures at city hall but the city was not at first in favor, fearing that the sculptor might get hurt and the city would be liable. Eventually Ms Leibbert was able to gain support for her project and a new tourist attraction was born. Others in the city were heart broken at losing their beloved trees that had been part of the historic district for many years.
While most Galveston natives approve the project there has been concern that inaproppriate images might be chose. Taste is subjective and some fear the historic character would be changed if the carvings were permitted on the divided Broadway esplanade where hundreds of live oaks on the center divide were killed during the storm surge.
Although the Texas Historic Commission is unlikely to give permission for the Broadway esplanade project, the Conservancy has begun fund raising to create dead tree sculptures at Adoue Park and Jones Park and needs between $3,000 and $5,000 to complete the project.
Artist James Phillips who lives in Clear Lake, Texas donated his time for the first sculpture. Local artist Earl Jones has done work on a number of sculptures.
The dead tree sculptures can be found all over Galveston island on every street and corner. The artists took the time to look at each tree and find the inner heart that turned the trees into mermaids, dolphins, squirrels, dogs and even angels. These sculptures are truly spectacular and will stand the test of time and the weather. They are worth a visit.


The Tragedy
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Post Nation
‘Overwhelming grief’: 8 students, 2 teachers killed in Texas high school shooting
By Brittney Martin, Mark Berman, Joel Achenbach and Amy B Wang May 20 at 9:50 AM
SANTA FE, Tex. — This time, it happened during first period.
The day after a student went on a shooting rampage at a Texas high school, a Houston-area community grappled with a horrific reality that has unfolded in so many other places across the nation.
On Friday morning, a 17-year-old student armed with a shotgun and a pistol stormed Santa Fe High School, about 30 miles southeast of Houston, and opened fire in an art class, officials said.
The gunman killed 10 people and wounded at least 10 others, including a school resource officer who was left in critical condition, police said, before surrendering to the officers who confronted him.
Of those killed, eight were students and two were teachers, Santa Fe Independent School District Superintendent Leigh Wall said in a letter to parents.
“Our community has suffered a terrible tragedy,” Wall wrote. “We are all feeling the overwhelming grief of this horrific event.”
Late Saturday afternoon, officials identified those killed as teachers Glenda Perkins and Cynthia Tisdale, and students Jared Black, Shana Fisher, Christian Riley Garcia, Aaron Kyle McLeod, Angelique Ramirez, Sabika Sheikh, Christopher Jake Stone and Kimberly Vaughan.
Santa Fe High School became the latest scene of carnage in what has become a national epidemic of mass shootings. For the second time in the past three months, the victims were children and their teachers.
The tragedy prompted an outpouring of grief and outrage — a candlelight vigil, statements of sympathy and anger from elected officials, heart-rending posts from relatives of the deceased — as well as, for some, a quiet resignation that the previously unthinkable had morphed into an inevitability.
“It’s been happening everywhere,” one Santa Fe student, Paige Curry, said with a shrug after the shooting. “I’ve always kind of felt like eventually it was going to happen here, too.”
At Santa Fe, it happened with less than two weeks to go before the end of the school year.
Isabelle Laymance, 15, was in art class, drawing geometric shapes, when she heard gunshots Friday morning. She froze for a moment, then she ran to a back door leading to a patio, but it was locked. She and seven other students barricaded themselves in a supply closet that connected two art classrooms. She lay on the floor and called police, then called her mother, whispering “I love you” while holding a friend’s hand. They shushed each other, hoping to avoid detection.
The trench-coat-clad gunman — police identified the suspect as student Dimitrios Pagourtzis Jr. — came into the first art classroom and began shooting. He knew students were hiding in the supply closet, Isabelle said.
“He said, ‘Surprise,’ and then he started shooting, and he killed one or two people. And he shot a girl in the leg. In the closet. He shot through the window,” she said. “We blocked the doors with ceramic makers, and he kept on trying to get in and he kept on shooting inside the closet.”
She called police three times over the course of 30 terrifying minutes. A police dispatcher told her to be quiet and assured her that help was on the way, she said.
The gunman kept shooting, cursing and yelling. He shot a police officer who approached, then engaged other officers in discussion, offering to surrender.
“He kept saying ‘If I come out, don’t shoot me.’ They didn’t shoot him; they just put him in handcuffs,” she said.
Pagourtzis, whom students described as a quiet loner, is being held without bond at the Galveston County Jail, charged with capital murder and aggravated assault on a peace officer. It was unclear what motivated the attack, as authorities said it came without any obvious warning.
Pagourtzis made his first court appearance Friday evening, a little more than 10 hours after the massacre. He spoke quietly, saying, “Yes, sir,” when asked if he wanted a court-appointed attorney. After the brief hearing, Pagourtzis was led away.
Police said Pagourtzis gave a statement admitting responsibility for the shooting, according to a probable-cause affidavit filed in court. They said that Pagourtzis told police that he went into the school wearing a trench coat and wielding two guns, intent on killing people.
The affidavit states that the 17-year-old told police that “he did not shoot students he did like so he could have his story told.”
The two guns used in the shooting belong to Pagourtzis’s father, according to Gov. Greg Abbott (R), who said it was unclear if the father knew his son had taken them. Unlike many other mass shootings carried out with high-powered rifles such as the AR-15, this one, authorities said, included relatively common weapons.
Authorities said they also were scrutinizing two other potential suspects in the shooting. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said officials questioned another student, described as “a person of interest.” Abbott said police also hoped to speak with a third person who he said could have “certain information,” though he did not elaborate.
As families mourn, stories of the victims have begun to emerge.
The Embassy of Pakistan confirmed Friday evening that Sheikh, a Pakistani exchange student, was killed in the attack.
“Our thoughts and prayers are with Sabika’s family and friends,” Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry said in a statement.
Another exchange student, Sayyed Zaman Haider, said Sabika was from Karachi City and was studying through the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program, funded by the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. A spokesman for the bureau did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment. Haider said Sheikh was about to return home: The academic year was ending, so she was almost done with her cultural exchange.
Tisdale, 63, was a substitute teacher at Santa Fe High School. She worked at the school frequently, her son Recie Tisdale said.
“She started substitute teaching because she loved to help children,” he said. “She didn’t have to do it. She did it because she loved it.”
Recie Tisdale is a police detective in nearby League City. His mother lived in neighboring Dickinson, with her husband of nearly 47 years, William Tisdale. The couple had three children and 11 grandchildren. William Tisdale said his wife had also been a paralegal for 22 years.
“She was a good woman,” he said. “She watched out for me.”

Continue reading: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2018/05/19/ten-killed-in-texas-high-school-shooting-were-mostly-students-police-say-suspect-confessed/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.eae1744cbe0a



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El huracán Ike visitó la isla de Galveston, con resultados devastadores para las personas y la infraestructura. 40, 000 árboles murieron durante la oleada de la tormenta en la isla dejando el paisaje desnudo. En una acción inusual y creativa Donna Leibbert, miembro de Galveston Island Tree Conservancy, propuso crear esculturas de los árboles muertos en el distrito histórico. Lo que era una horrible monstruosidad y un recordatorio de los horrores del huracán Ike ahora es una encantadora vista! Si va a visitar Galveston pronto debe recorrer la ciudad para ver estas hermosas obras de arte!


La Tragedia
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Tiroteo en escuela secundaria de Texas deja 10 muertos: identifican a sospechoso

18 mayo, 2018
Un hombre armado abrió fuego en una escuela en Santa Fe, Texas. El hombre estaría armado con una escopetaHay varios muertos
(CNN) – Un tiroteo se presentó este viernes en la Escuela Secundaria Santa Fe, en Texas. Hay al menos 10 muertos. Además, hay un policía herido y dos sospechosos arrestados. Este es el tercer tiroteo escolar en los últimos 7 días y el número 22 en lo que va del año.
Las autoridades confirmaron que 10 personas fueron asesinadas en el tiroteo en la escuela secundaria en Texas; nueve de ellos son estudiantes y uno es un profesor.
Fuentes identifican al atacante de la escuela como Dimitrios Pagourtiz, de 17 años.
El sospechoso de disparar en la escuela secundaria de Texas utilizó tanto una escopeta como un revólver .38 para matar a las 10 personas, dijo el gobernador de Texas Greg Abbott en una conferencia de prensa.
“Ninguna de estas armas era propiedad o legalmente poseída por el tirador”, dijo Abbott, señalando que eran legalmente propiedad de su padre.
“No tengo información si el padre sabía que el hijo había tomado estas armas”, dijo Abbott.
El sospechoso quería quitarse la vida después de disparar, dice el gobernador de Texas
Las autoridades encontraron escritos en los diarios del sospechoso de tiroteo de Texas que indicaban que quería quitarse la vida, dijo el gobernador de Texas, Greg Abbott.
“También sabemos información de que el tirador tiene información contenida en diarios en su computadora y su teléfono celular que dijo que no solo quería cometer el tiroteo, sino que quería suicidarse después del tiroteo”, dijo.
“Se entregó y admitió que en el momento en que no tuvo el coraje de cometer el suicidio, que quería quitarse la vida antes”, agregó Abbott.

Los hechos
Un hombre armado irrumpió en la escuela poco después de que las clases iniciaran a las 7:30 a.m., hora local. Una persona armada entró al salón de clases de arte de la escuela y empezó a disparar, según le dijo un testigo a la afiliada de CNN, KTRK.
Testigos dijeron que los estudiantes huyeron de la escuela cuando escucharon los disparos; también dijeron haber escuchado una alarma en la escuela, aunque la secuencia de eventos no fue clara inmediatamente.
Todo el distrito escolar está bajo confinamiento, según dijeron las autoridades.
Dos agentes están entre los heridos, dijo la fuente.
En cuanto a los dispositivos explosivos en la escuela, las autoridades dijeron que fueron encontrados bombas caseras y ollas a presión en la escena.
Investigadores están examinando un camión donde los explosivos podrían haberse armado.
Según el sheriff Ed González, del condado de Harris, se cree que el sospechoso es un estudiante de la escuela. La segunda persona detenida también podría ser estudiante. Según González, el atacante sería un adolescente.
Un sospechoso de 17 años está bajo custodia.
Además, se ha conocido que hay un policía herido y dos arrestados.
Al menos 12 heridos en el tiroteo de la escuela están hospitalizados y fueron trasladados a diferentes hospitales. Dos pacientes están en el centro médico Mainland en Texas, otros tres están en el Medical Branch de la Universidad de Texas, en Galveston.
De los pacientes que están en el Medical Branch, una sufrió una herida de arma en la pierna. Otro paciente fue trasladado a ese centro médico en helicóptero y recibió un disparo en el brazo. Actualmente está en cirugía y en condición crítica. Y el tercer paciente de este centro médico es un joven que recibió un disparo en la pierna, según González.

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