Ship…Aurora…Barco last part/ última parte

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Multi-million pound makeover for Aurora (our family-friendly, mid-sized ship)
Aurora was the first ship in the P&O Cruises fleet to receive the new livery design as a part of its £26 million pound makeover in winter 2015. As well as receiving the new-look design with a contemporary version of the Union Flag on her bow and new blue funnels with rising sun designs, Aurora had an interior overhaul.
Aurora is a classic ocean going vessel with an elegant tiered stern and long bow. At her heart is a water feature which forms the centrepiece of her atrium – one of her signature features. You’ll also find a range of bars for all tastes, a cinema, theatre and an outdoor pool with retractable skydome roof. Dining highlights include The Glass House and The Beach House.
Dining on Aurora Dining highlights include The Glass House and The Beach House. When it comes to bars Aurora offers a variety to suit every mood including her Crow’s Nest bar, which offers a great view of every port along the way (and the oceans in between)
Be active, or just relax and enjoy. Aurora is perfectly designed for walking or jogging with the opportunity to do just that around her circumference thanks to the broad teak promenade deck. Or you can elect to just relax in her spa, whilst your children are entertained in one of the on-board children’s clubs.
Aurora is designed as a classic ocean going vessel and is therefore ideally suited to world cruising. At other times in the year Aurora offers a full schedule of port calls across the Mediterranean, Baltic & Fjords, Canary Islands and is the ship of choice for our transatlantic USA & Canada cruises.

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P&O Cruises: confianza ganada con el mejor servicio de 175 años
Las mejores tradiciones de cruceros, en un clásico inglés.
La moneda a bordo de P&O Cruises es la libra esterlina, se habla inglés, el estilo es cosmopolita y el humor es típico británico! Esta compañía naviera es sinónimo de la típica experiencia del clásico crucero británico, navegando hacia singulares destinos ricos en historia, arte y cultura. Por lo tanto la tradición británica se impone a bordo de todos los barcos de P&O Cruises. Extensos programas de diversión, numerosas instalaciones Wellness y delicias culinarias para todos los gustos. Viva la fascinación del crucero: cena tradicional al principio del viaje, el elegante atardecer en refinados trajes, espectáculos exquisitos y atractivas ofertas para entretenerse. La salida de la mayoría de los cruceros es Southampton, UK. Además, cada cabina está equipada con facilidades para té y café para aquel aperitivo de madrugada, con el Té Twining, por supuesto. ¡Very British on Board!

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