Take care in The Stripp…Tenga cuidado en The Stripp

Text credits: Yelp.com, about Boulevard Cameras

Jack D.
Penrith, Reino Unido
These people are no more than thieves. They scam you into thinking that you are buy a product at a discounted price, if the guy gets his phone out and starts to show you a web site referring to the product that you are going to buy I can assure you it is a scam web site displaying a grossly inflated price, he will probably try and sell it to you at 50% of this price when in fact its worth only 10% of what he is asking. If he gets his phone out vote with your feet and walk out…. Don’t get sucked in.

michael s.
Chicago, Estados Unidos
SCAM ARTISTS! Do not trust them. They literally make up prices on the spot, sometimes 2-3 times the typical retail price of an item! MANY of the items in the store are fake, cheap knock-offs or grey market versions without a standard U.S. warrantee. And there are NO RETURNS, because they neither believe in, nor stand by, what they sell. Every monopod I tested in the store collapsed under the weight of my hand. When I finally found one that seemed a little more stable, they lied to me about the price and the origin of the product. I wound up talking them down $20 and I still feel ripped off, considering what a Hot piece of garbage it is.
The is by far the worst Yelp review I’ve ever written because this is easily one of the worst stores I’ve ever walked into. AVOID.

jeff p.
Spring Valley, Estados Unidos
As mentioned previously, scam artists. I needed a uv filter and a cleaning kit and the sales person tried to bully me into buying some laser filter for $90, had the cashier ring it up before I said something. I found another filter in my bag when I got back to the hotel. Maybe that accounts for the $65 dollar bill. Buyer beware.
Fabio M.
Fremont, Estados Unidos
the gopro frame is 39$ on the official website 89$ from them… not very clear on the prices, not exposed. no return policies

Text credits:http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/37864294
Las Vegas Camera stores (on the strip) Rip off customers
Mar 2, 2011
Luckily I know the prices of the things I want – others were buying from them.
There are several camera stores directly on the strip. They all sold cameras and other equipment at prices well above legitimate prices. ($3200 for a Nikon D700 body only).
When I asked if they carry a recent camera that I was looking for, the salesperson said no and turned his back on me. They do not want to sell to anyone who knows cameras.

Rip off stores:
Boulevard Cameras

Vegas Foto

Millenium Foto Inc
Typical set of Google reviews:
Millenium Foto Inc
3475 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109-8922, United States

Mike ‎
TOTAL RIP OFF Company! I knew how much a step up adapter cost and saw this place figuring maybe i can buy one here for a similar price… instead of $12, they wanted $40 for it. I told him that was too pricey, and the salesperson pretty much snob me off… Great way to get customers .. There’s no point to go in to this place…. Better off to just go to a real camera store in Vegas.
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digital camera the biggest rip off!!!!! bought a digital camera and found out that it was more than double the price. I wonder how you can report them. Is there a place or proper authority in America that you can report this people????
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Rip off is right! My husband and I stopped in Millenium because our sd card in our camera stopped working. Asked if they could check the card and see and then we would buy a new one. The guy we spoke with unwrapped a new package, put in a new card and the camera worked. So when he said $49.99 plus tax for a 2G card I thought that sounded high, but figured they went for $30 or so elsewhere. I was shocked when I saw that I could have later picked one up at Walgreens for $10-15!! What a scam! I only got beat out of about $40. I feel really bad for the people who were swindled for hundreds!
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Mario ‎
Wow Please stay away from this place – RIP OFF!! If i could express the anger i feel after finding out what how much i over payed for a lens filter and Macro lens – i would… Mike is a ripoff artist. He does this to be able to stay aflot with this business in Las Vegas. This does not however give him the right to rip off his customers. This is outright robbery!. I was on vacation in Las Vegas 2 weeks ago and came upon this shop while walking along the strip – i’ve always wanted a wide angle lens so i walked in to check them out. Mike convinced me on getting a Macro lens and a filter that landed me 500 dollars. I NEVER – NEVER!!! buy anything without researching it first, that day, unfortunately – i had left my iphone at the hotel and had no way on searching for the price online, to see what other shops had these going for. Anyways, i bought the stuff only to find out after going home that i could find BOTH the filter and Macro lens for less than 75 dollars … Show full review
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LR ‎
These guys are crooks! They wanted US$499 for the same flash I could buy at BestBuy for US$299.00 I called their scam and they scoff at it…saying that the Brits buy their stuff all the time
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debbie ‎
I’ve been ripped off too These stories sound so familiar. I went in to Millenium Foto to get a new battery and came out 650USD poorer. I too would normally research before buying, but my husband wanted to buy me the wide angle lens and macro being offered to me … as it would be great in Las Vegas! By the time I got home, with rubbish wide angle shots, I could find the (Digital concepts) lens for 50USD. The macro is OK, but it must be the worlds most expensive macro. BIG BIG CON ARTIST ….
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Magda ‎ – 25 Feb 2009
Highly overpriced – do not go here We had the same experience as many others: totally overpriced products and shady offers.. Don’t buy here!

Text credits: https://es.foursquare.com/v/boulevard-cameras/4ce7895ef08f8eeca6600230
Don’t waste your time with these scamers!! Rami, one of the sales associates tried to sell me a cheap digital creations camera lens that sells on Amazon for $20 for $699. He’s a liar and a cheat.

Cristopher B.
They sell old items like new brand, stay away from this store
Cristopher Bautista · Abril 21, 2014

Ariel J
“Manga de estafadores !!!!!!!!”
1 de 5 estrellasEscribió una opinión el 1 marzo 2016
Compre un GPS Garmín , lo probe al otro día que viajaba a Los Angeles , no funcionaba la pantalla la pantalla táctil , son unos ladrones , venden productos fallados , no compren nada ahi !!!!!!!
Visitado el enero de 2016

“Muy caro”
1 de 5 estrellasEscribió una opinión el 30 enero 2016 mediante dispositivo móvil
Necesitamos una mejor memoria para la cámara y nos ofrecen una en 65 Usd ,cuando valen realmente la misma memoria 15us.
De acuerdo de pagar un sobreprecio por la zona ,pero 5 veces más el valor !!! Nunca.
Si no tienen esa emergencia no compren ahí los precios son muy caros.
Visitado el enero de 2016

Esteban R
Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador
“Estafadores cuidado con RAMI es un ladrón”
1 de 5 estrellasEscribió una opinión el 19 octubre 2014
No se compre nada en esta tienda, fuimos en búsqueda de un cámara GoPro hero 3+ silver edition que nuestro hijo nos había encargado, un tipo llamado RAMI nos atendió y nos explico sobre la misma pero nos confundió diciendo que la cámara necesitaba un sinnúmero de accesorio y nos cobro usd 60 por cada uno. Cuando entregamos la cámara a nuestro hijo su insatisfacción fue notoria la cámara no fue la pedida y nos entregó una GoPro hero3 white edition refabricada. Además de la entrega de accesorios genéricos los mismo que no ascienden a un precio de usd 30 cada uno. El total de la estafa usd 300. Posteriormente llamamos a la tienda y el tipejo este lo único que supo decir fue no creo que puedan hacer mucho desde su país en contra mío.
Visitado el agosto de 2014

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