Hereros by/por Sergio Guerra, Palacio de Minería, last part/ última parte

The Herero is an ethnic group inhabiting parts of Southern Africa. The majority reside in Namibia, with the remainder found in Botswana and Angola. There were an estimated 250,000 Herero people in Namibia in 2013. They speak the Herero language, which belongs to the Bantu languages.
Herero woman
Unlike most Bantus, who are primarily subsistence farmers, the Herero are traditionally pastoralists and make a living tending livestock. Cattle terminology in use among many Bantu pastoralist groups testifies that Bantu herders originally acquired cattle from Cushitic pastoralists inhabiting Eastern Africa. After Bantus settled in Eastern Africa, some Bantu tribes spread south. Linguistic evidence also suggests that Bantus borrowed the custom of milking cattle from Cushitic peoples; either through direct contact with them or indirectly via Khoisan intermediaries who had themselves acquired both domesticated animals and pastoral techniques from Cushitic migrants.

Los herero son una etnia del grupo bantú en el sur de África. En la actualidad los herero están repartidos entre tres países:
Angola: 120 000, que representan el 1% del total de la población del país. Los subgrupos principales son los Kuvale y los Djimba, que se encuentran repartidos por el suroeste de Angola.
Botsuana: 21 000 herero, ubicados en las inmediaciones del río Okavango, que suman el 1% de la población del país.
Namibia: 106 000 personas, equivalentes al 10% del total de habitantes. Se encuentran esparcidos a lo ancho del norte del país, en las regiones administrativas de Namibia de Omaheke, Otjozondjupa, Kunene y Erongo.

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