“175 years of photographic objects”, part 3…MODO…”175años de objetos fotográficos”, parte 3

As significant snapshots go, it’s hard to trump the substance of the first photograph ever taken. Strange, too, that we only know it was taken in either 1826 or 1827. Frenchman Joseph Nicéphore Niépce’s ‘View From The Window at Le Gras’, as it has come to be known, remains preserved in a state of ambiguity, while today time and date stamps flow matter-of-factly through our devices. Two hundred years later, photography is a medium so pervasive that we are in danger of trivialising its powers. Bird This is an exploration of those powers and their capacity to communicate worlds not necessarily unknown, but certainly perspectives unseen.
This story takes you on a journey from the earliest days of photography along a path that looks at everything from photography as an art form to photos that literally changed the world.

Evolución de la fotografía
La fotografía ha ido evolucionando a lo largo de la historia, desde sus rudimentarios inicios hasta la fotografía digital actual. Hasta llegar a ser lo que conocemos hoy en día ha recorrido un largo camino.
La fotografía ha sido utilizada como apoyo de diversas disciplinas. El arte, la ciencia o la industria se han beneficiado de este invento. Muchas otras no habrían alcanzado el reconocimiento mundial si no se hubieran difundido a través de la imagen.

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